Forecast API

  • Swiss precision weather data delivered through the high-speed meteoblue weather API
  • Instant access to over 100 weather variables of forecast data
  • Tailored to sector-specific use cases in agriculture, renewable energy, aviation and other fields
  • Several temporal resolutions and altitude levels available for every point on Earth
  • Multiple weather models and real time observations combined with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

The Forecast API uses nowcasting and the meteoblue Learning MultiModel (mLM) to deliver up to 14 days of hourly forecasts at maximum accuracy. You can assemble your own weather forecast API calls by combining pre-defined packages of weather variables.

Forecast Data Packages

General Packages


The Basic data package serves general purposes and contains the most common weather variables.

Variables: Temperature, Precipitation, Wind, Sea level pressure, Predictability and more


The Current data package contains current weather information, including observations and measurements.

Variables: Pictocode, Temperature, Wind speed and more


The Clouds data package contains detailed cloud layer and sunshine duration forecasts.

Variables: Low/Mid/High clouds, Sunshine duration, Visibility and more

Sun and Moon

The Sun and Moon data package contains information about rising and setting times of the sun and the moon.

Variables: Moon/sunrise and Moon/sunset time, Moon age, Moon phase angle and more

Web Colours

The meteoblue html colour codes for web-formatting, only available in combination with a data package.

Variables: Temperature, Felt temperature, Wind speed, UV-Index, Predictability

Agronomical Packages


The Agro data package serves agricultural purposes and contains soil and vegetation related weather variables.

Variables: Wetbulb temperature, Leaf wetness index, Soil temperature/moisture, Skin/Surface temperature and more

Agromodel Leaf Wetness

The Agromodel Leaf Wetness data package contains all relevant information for monitoring and forecasting leaf wetness.

Variables: Leaf wetness probability, Leaf wetness rain, Dew, and Evaporation index.

Agromodel Sowing

The Agromodel Sowing data package contains information about suitable time windows for sowing crops.

Variables: Sowing maize, wheat, barley, potato, soybean, cotton, and more

Agromodel Spray

The Agromodel Spray data package contains information about suitable time windows for spraying fields.

Variables: Spray window

Soil Trafficability

The Soil Trafficability data package contains information about the capacity of the soil to support moving vehicles based on the soil type and the development of water content in the top soil (0 - 10 cm).

Variables: Sand, Silty loam, Silt and Clay

Renewable Energy Packages


The Solar data package contains specific solar radiation variables for the solar energy sector.

Variables: GHI (Solar radiation), DIF, DNI, GNI, Extraterrestrial solar radiation

Solar Ensemble

The Solar Ensemble data package contains aggregated and individual members of the GFS ensemble solar forecasts.

Variables: GHI backwards consensus, GHI backwards p90 exceedance, Max/Min GHI backwards

PV Pro

The PV Pro data package offers solar power production forecasts based on kilowatt peak as well as panel inclination and orientation.

Variables: PV power, GTI, Performance ratio, Module temperature, Snow cover and more


The Wind data package contains specific variables for the wind energy sector.

Variables: Wind gusts, Wind at turbine height (80m), Air density, Air pressure

Wind 80m Ensemble

The Wind 80m Ensemble data package contains aggregated and individual members from the GFS ensemble wind forecasts.

Variables: Wind speed 80m consensus, Wind speed 80m p90 exceedance, Max/Min wind speed 80m

Wind Power

The Wind Power data package contains wind power forecasts at a height of 80m.

Variables: Wind power (kW)

Advanced Packages


The Sea data package contains marine weather forecasts.

Variables: Significant wave height, Wind wave height, Wind wave direction, Sea surface temperature, Salinity and more


The Air data package contains atmospheric forecasts.

Variables: CAPE, Lifted index, Cloud ice/water, Helicity and more

Air Quality

The Air Quality data package contains air quality forecasts like pollutant concentrations.

Variables: Air quality index, Ozone, CO, and Dust concentration and more

Sigma Level

The Sigma Level data package contains atmospheric layer forecasts above 300m.

Variables: Temperature, Air density, Relative humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction

Profile Series

The Profile Series data packages contain atmospheric profile forecasts for various altitude levels and variables.

Variables: Clouds, Geopotential height, Relative humidity, Temperature, Wind

MultiModel Packages


The MultiModel package provides raw forecasts from multiple weather models.

Variables: Temperature, Wind speed, Precipitation, Cloud cover, GHI and more

Single Variable MultiModel

The Single Variable MultiModel packages provide hourly data from all available models for specific variables.

Variables: Clouds, Precipitation, PV, Radiation, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Wind, Wind 80m

14-Day Forecast Packages


The Ensemble package contains aggregated and individual members from the GFS ensemble forecast.

Variables: Temperature, Wind speed, Precipitation, Low/Mid/High clouds % and more


The Trend package contains 14-day ensemble forecasts for the most common weather variables.

Variables: Temperature, Precipitation, Wind speed, Sea level pressure, Total cloud cover and more

Trend Pro

The Trend Pro package contains 14-day ensemble forecasts for a large variety of weather variables.

Variables: Temperature, Wind Gusts, Relative humidity, Total evapotranspiration and more

Long Term Forecast Packages

Seasonal Anomalies Forecast

The Season Anomalies Forecast package contains all relevant information for forecasts of seasonal anomalies for the next 6 months.

Variables: Temperature, Precipitation, Snow depth, Evapotranspiration, Sea level pressure and more

Technical Documentation

Find out more about technical details in our technical documentation for the Forecast Packages.


To acquire these data, a subscription to the meteoblue Weather API is required. Find more information about the pricing and access levels on our Pricing Page.


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