Mountains - Valleys

Mountains - Valleys

This page shows the weather differences between each case neighbouring mountain and valley. The differences in altitude lead to larger differences in temperatures and partial precipitation, which can be as large as between climate zones. You can try out an the temperature development on the tour of Mendoza to the mountain Aconcagua by clicking on the menu to the right (Aconcagua - Mendoza, Cho Oyu - Katihar, Bregenz - San Bernardino).

Below you can find some basic examples:

Mount Everest (8848 m asl) - Lahān (120 m asl)

Live meteogram - Mount Everest (27.98°N / 86.93°E) Situation of Mount Everest Live meteogram - Lahān (26.72°N / 86.48°E)

Mont Blanc (4589 m asl) - Chamonix (1055 m asl)

Live meteogram - Mont Blanc (45.83°N / 6.87°E) Situation of Mont Blanc Live meteogram - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (45.92°N / 6.87°E)

Aconcagua (6962 m asl) - Mendoza (418 m asl)

Live meteogram - Aconcagua (-32.65°N / -70.01°E) Situation of Aconcagua Live meteogram - Mendoza (-32.88°N / -68.82°E)