Privacy Policy Statement (PPS)

1. Introduction and Basics

meteoblue AG (hereinafter meteoblue) is a private corporation under Swiss law with its registered office in Basel (Switzerland). meteoblue attaches great importance to the responsible, legally compliant and transparent handling of data.
Privacy is also a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. We respect your personal and privacy sphere.
This Privacy Policy (hereafter "Statement" or "PPS") describes how we process your personal data as a "user" of the products and services provided by meteoblue.
We use the following terms in this PPS:
· meteoblue = meteoblue AG, Basel Switzerland
· Statement, PPS = Privacy Policy Statement
· Aggregate data = generic term for personal data and other data.
· Personal data = all storable information and data relating to a specific or identifiable person.
· Users = natural and Legal persons
· Third parties = external persons and others Companies
· EU-GDPR = European General Data Protection Regulation.
· API = Application Programming Interface.
· APP = application for use on mobile communication devices.
· Site = Website.

2. Purpose of the privacy policy

Our privacy policy statement explains:
• what data we collect and for what reason;
• how we use this data;
• what choices we offer, including how data and aggregate data can be accessed and how they can be updated.
We have tried to make it as simple as possible, but we cannot entirely do without technical terms. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with terms such as cookies, IP addresses and browsers, local storage, session storage, you should first read about these techniques and key terms (see EU-GDPR, terms, description of technical IT terms).
This PPS explains the procedures used of meteoblue and does not constitute a document that binds meteoblue or third parties.

3. Scope of the privacy policy

The declaration applies to all offers and services of meteoblue; regardless of the way (website, apps, e-mail API, etc.) or the technical (computer, mobile phone, IoT, etc.) form of use. The declaration applies and is part of the contract if it is listed in the contract document as part of the contract or if it is referenced in the applicable general terms and conditions (GTC).
If there are any contradictions between this declaration and the terms and conditions, the provisions of this statement take precedence. If you already use meteoblue products and services, this declaration also refers to personal data collected by you in the past and already stored by meteoblue, which we can link to and process with personal data collected in the future.

4. Consent form

Before using our services, please read our terms of use; the privacy policy; the conditions for the commercial and non-commercial use of our service.
By clicking on the following buttons, you declare that you agree to the terms of use, the privacy policy; the terms of commercial and non-commercial use of our service and that you agree to the validity of these terms.
Explicit APPROVAL STATEMENT: The user hereby agrees that for the purpose of providing general and personalised products and services in accordance with the terms of use and the privacy statement in the area of weather data, his personal data will be collected and processed, in particular via the Internet, whereby the processing may also be carried out by third parties.
This consent can be changed at any time by writing to meteoblue or directly online. The revocation does not affect the legality of the data processing until then.
By creating a user account on you expressly confirm that you have reached the age of 16. At a younger age, the consent or consent of the parents is required. The age limit may be lower in different states.
Your use of this website or our apps, whichever change is made, constitutes your consent to the collection of personal collection information that you disclose when using this website or our apps.
Please read this privacy policy regularly. You can access the latest version of this Privacy Policy from the Website at any time, the validity of which is stated below.

5. Terms, description of IT-technical terms

Personal data is all information and aggregated data relating to a specific or identifiable person. In addition to your contact details such as name, telephone number, address or e-mail address, this also includes other information that you provide, for example, when using our services, registering, placing an order or participating in promotions or surveys and the like. The personal data also includes the IP address of your device, which we register when you visit our website or APP and with other aggregate data such as the pages viewed and reactions to offers displayed on our websites or APP or similar.
Users are natural persons as well as legal entities, which are represented by the persons acting for them.
Browsers are special computer programs for displaying web pages on computer or mobile screens.
Cookies are short text snippets that are sent to your browser by a web page you visit. Cookies can store any aggregate data, such as your login, your language or other settings.
Local storage or session storage is storage within your browser. Similar to cookies, aggregate data can be stored and stored here. Unlike cookies, this aggregate data is not automatically sent to our servers. Collection data in the localstorage remain stored indefinitely, the sessionstorage is emptied at the end of a session (for example, closing the browser).
An IP address is a numeric address in computer networks. It is assigned to devices connected to the Internet, making the devices addressable and accessible. The outwardly visible IP address often belongs to a router, which makes individual devices such as computers or smartphones unidentifiable.

6. When will personal data and other aggregate data be collected?

meteoblue will need to collect and process personal data about you in order to provide these services, depending on the products or services provided to you. This happens especially if you:
· visit our website;
· use one of our apps;
· register for one of our services;
· sign up for an promotions, competitions or special events;
· purchase one of our online services or otherwise be in a contractual relationship;
· participate in a survey;
· send us an e-mail or otherwise communicate.
In the event that you do not give meteoblue the full consent and permission to collect and process the personal data, meteoblue reserves the right not to offer any part of the website, functionality in our apps, or certain products and services, or only to a limited extent. This applies in particular if the corresponding personal data are indispensable for the relevant products and services of the meteoblue.
meteoblue collects and processes aggregate data to provide the best possible products and services to all its users. This begins with the detection of basic parameters, such as the language you want to use, identifying the devices you are using, your location, the products and services that you are calling, and other ways of using the site.
The aggregate data collected and processed by meteoblue is not necessarily personal data. meteoblue collects and processes in particular the following types of aggregate data:
· data that you provide to us (in the form of personal data);
· data we receive from your use of our services, such as:
· device-related data (type and type of device used);
· protocol data (information transmission, etc.);
· location-related data (location or location identifiers, etc.);
· unique application numbers (software versions, purchase numbers, etc.);
· local storage (in the browser or similar);
· cookies and similar technologies;
· etc.

7. Type of personal data collected

Depending on the products or services that meteoblue provides and provides, personal data about you will be collected and processed (see also "Scope", § 3). These include:
· personal data such as name, age, date of foundation, e-mail or IP address, postal address or company address, telephone numbers, as well as collecting data about your gender, occupation, interests etc. as well as other property information regarding a natural or legal person;
· details of our mutual business relationship and the products and services you use;
· if necessary, records of telephone calls, e-mails, correspondence between the meteoblue and you;
· financial information, including a summary of payments and transactions and aggregate data relating thereto in relation to the business relationship; customer or account number, also for accounting purposes.

8. Use of collected data and personal data

meteoblue uses the collected data and personal data to provide, maintain, protect and improve services, as well as to develop novel products or to provide customised content and services.
meteoblue uses your personal data for the following purposes, among others:
· to preserve and protect your user account;
· to respond to your comments and questions;
· to alert or register you for special events, offers or services;
· to send you regular information or data;
· to show you services and information tailored to your interests and profile;
· to pass on individual data to third parties (see "Disclosure of personal data to third parties", § 10) where they are needed in order to offer you the desired service.
When you contact meteoblue, we record your communication to help you solve any problems you may encounter. Notification of your use of our services, including notices of changes or improvements, may be made using your email address.
Data collected through cookies and other technologies improves your overall user experience and the quality of our services. One of the products we use for this purpose in our own services is Google Analytics. For example, storing your preferred language setting allows us to display our services in the language of your choice.
We can collect personal data about you by installing our own markers on your computer. These markers are commonly referred to as "cookies" and allow us to identify you using a computer-generated distinctive code.
By providing you with a unique identifier, we are able to create databases based on your previous decisions and preferences.
In addition, meteoblue may use technologies that track your use of this website or our apps, such as which page you are viewing and the links you use. These aggregated data about your use of this website or one of our apps are called "click-stream data" and help us to determine what is important to you and what is not. It helps us to decide what content and features are desired and which ones to discard. It also helps us to determine if our website and apps are easy to use or if we should redesign certain pages and hyperlinks.
You can refuse such "cookies" without further ado. Your computer is usually set up so that you can adjust the settings and blockage of cookies to your liking. In your browser you will find more aggregate data. We point out that this refusal can lead to significant limitations of the functions of our services and expressly disclaims any responsibility for the associated loss of benefits, data and other restrictions.
meteoblue processes personal data on its own servers, sometimes with the involvement of third-party servers. Therefore, it is not excluded that personal data is processed on servers outside your country of residence. In this case meteoblue considers the relevant legal provisions.
With your permission, we use the aggregate data to inform you about new meteoblue services and offers. As part of the registration, you have the opportunity to inform us whether or not you wish to receive announcements and actions.

9. Duration of storage of aggregate data and personal data

meteoblue will only retain personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected or in accordance with legal, regulatory or internal regulations.
We use criteria based on legal and functional requirements to set reasonable time limits for the storage of your personal data, which depend on the purpose of the data, such as: e.g. statutory provision for the storage of transactions, proper account management, facilitation of client relationship management and reaction to the assertion of legal claims, etc.

10. Processing and disclosure of personal data to third parties

meteoblue does not disclose personally identifiable information to companies, organizations or individuals outside of meteoblue, except in the following cases:
With your consent:
· If meteoblue provides you with products and services, personal data may be disclosed to third parties acting on your behalf or otherwise involved in the transaction (depending on the type of product or service you use).
· In some cases, personal data is passed on to external, trusted contractors who provide services to the meteoblue, such as: IT and hosting service providers, marketing service providers, communications and printing services providers, collection agencies, search services, debt collection service providers, anti-fraud agencies, credit rating agencies and other contractors. To protect your personal data, meteoblue ensures compliance with meteoblue data security standards by these contractors.
This is done on the basis of our instructions and in accordance with our privacy policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
If any of your personal data contains sensitive personal data that you consider ineligible for disclosure, please let us know in writing, specifying the exact nature of the information, protection needs, and disclosure restrictions to ensure that we take the necessary precautions
For legal reasons:
· meteoblue will disclose personal data to companies, organizations or individuals if we reasonably believe that access to, or use of, storage or disclosure of this information is reasonably necessary;
· to comply with applicable laws, regulations or legal procedures or comply with an enforceable regulatory order.
· to enforce applicable terms of use, including investigating potential violations.
· to detect, prevent, or otherwise combat fraud, security deficiencies, or technical issues.
· to protect the rights, property or safety of meteoblue, our users or the public from harm, to the extent permitted or required by law.
· meteoblue may disclose non-personally identifiable information to the public and third parties, such as publishers, advertisers, or related trend research sites.
· in a business merger, acquisition, or sale of assets where meteoblue participates, meteoblue will ensure the confidentiality of any personal data and notify the affected users before any personal data is transmitted or becomes subject to any other privacy policy.

10.1 Product-specific use and processing of aggregated data and personal data

The following third party services are used by meteoblue:
meteoblue uses several services from Google Inc. ("Google") from the United States. These include Google Analytics, Adsense, Fabric Answers, Fabric Crashlytics and Google Maps.

Analytics, Adsense, Maps
The website and apps use Analytics to analyse user behaviour, AdSense to offer ads, and maps for various Google interactive maps. For more information about privacy at Google, see .

The apps use Google's Crashlytics analyser. For more information on Crashlytics privacy, please refer to the privacy policy at

meteoblue uses Google's Answers for the evaluation of user behaviour in the apps. For more information about privacy at Answers, please refer to the privacy policy at
Notes: the links may be modified by the providers as necessary, without changing the privacy policy of meteoblue.

10.2 International transfer of personal data

The third parties referred to in paragraph 10 above may also be established outside the European Union. In this case, meteoblue requires that these third parties take appropriate measures to protect personal data, which are set out in a binding legal agreement, unless the European Union has determined that the country in question ensures an adequate level of protection. A copy of these actions is available from the meteoblue Data Protection Officer.

10.3 Links etc. on third party websites

The meteoblue website and apps may contain links to other websites or services. When you visit these services, we are not responsible for their privacy practices and how they treat personal data. In addition, we may authorise third parties to provide registration-based services through our site (such as payment services), and we will clearly disclose this to you. meteoblue is not responsible for the actions and decisions of these third parties and you should review that party's privacy policies before giving them personal collection information make available.

11. Privacy of children

meteoblue is committed to protecting the safety and privacy of young people using the Internet. We do not knowingly collect personal collection information about children and will delete it immediately should we be notified of any abuse.
In case of doubt, we recommend that parents check the privacy policy of our and all linked sites.

12. Access to and updating of personal data

meteoblue strives to give you access to your personal data to the technically possible reasonable extent. If these data are inaccurate, we will provide you with options to update or remove them quickly - unless we must retain this information for legitimate business or legal purposes.
We strive to provide our services in a manner that protects personal data from accidental or wilful destruction. For this reason, we may not immediately delete any duplicate pieces of personal data that you have deleted from our services from our active servers and may not remove that personal data from our backup systems, e.g. if we keep records of payments and previous orders, which must be kept according to corporate accounting policies.
You have the right to demand from the meteoblue the correction of incorrect personal data that we collect and process. If we process your personal data with your consent, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. Please also note that the revocation of your consent has no effect on the lawfulness of the processing before the revocation that took place with your consent.
If you are not satisfied with individual aspects of the processing of your personal data, please write us with your complaints. We will work with you to find a solution.

13. Notification and approval of changes

meteoblue is constantly improving and adding new features and functions to the services. These constant improvements as well as changes in legislation or changes in technology also require regular changes to this Privacy Policy Statement (PPS).

meteoblue reserves the right to update or change this PPS at any time without notice. We will notify you of changes to the PPS by posting an updated or modified version of this PPS on this site. For your benefit, we may, if necessary, alert you to this by temporarily posting a message on our website should the PPS change.

Security note:

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful access to the personal data you have provided to us. Because we cannot guarantee complete data security for email or instant messaging communication or similar means of communication, we recommend choosing a secure transmission alternative for highly confidential personal data.

14. Status of the Privacy Policy Statement

This privacy policy statement was last revised on Thursday, 24 May 2018.