University program

meteoblue proudly supports all types of scientific undertakings, from students’ semestral works to bachelor’s, master’s and PhD theses. The fields of study typically range from meteorology to climatology, environmental studies, and data science. This occurs in close cooperation with the University of Basel (Switzerland) and the University of Freiburg (Germany), and their respective meteorological, environmental or geoscientific departments.

Our start as a company was ignited and fuelled by scientific work at the University of Basel, Switzerland. With our beginnings in mind, we have been supporting and empowering hundreds of students around the globe in conducting and completing their scientific work.

Our commitment and support

To support scientific, welfare or relief work, meteoblue AG agrees to perform the following:

  1. Delivery of data, products or services depending on the agreement and the required time period.
  2. Provision of data, products or services through a suitable (electronic) media for the retrieval by the author.
  3. Delivery of the necessary documentation and specification for data, products or services.
  4. Answering questions about the data, products or services within 10 days after receiving the request.

Conditions of cooperation

meteoblue will be happy to support your scientific endeavours – on condition that you provide us with the following information, and your project meets the criteria mentioned below.

Required information:

  1. The title and objective of the work
  2. Type of work: (a general student’s project, bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, PhD thesis, or other)
  3. The name and address of the university or supervising organisation
  4. Department or organisational unit
  5. Name and e-mail of the author(s)
  6. Name and e-mail of the supervisor
  7. The intended beginning and end dates of the work
  8. Short description of the methodology and the usage of the data provided by meteoblue

The author(s) commit(s) to the following agreements:

  1. Use the data, products or services exclusively to produce the work: no other ways of dissemination of the data is permitted.
  2. Compliance with scientific and ethical methods of using, analysing and presenting the data.
  3. Deletion of the data after completion of the work, unless agreed otherwise.
  4. Referencing the source of the data ("data provided by").
  5. Sending a copy of the completed work in electronic form as an e-mail attachment to [email protected] or by another suitable form of transmission.
  6. Promoting meteoblue and its contribution to the research project in a post on a scientific blog or social media.
  7. Scientific support is only possible for countries, where adherence to standards of scientific work, international human rights and international conventions is apparently guaranteed.
  8. Complying with the meteoblue terms and conditions.

If any of the conditions are not observed, meteoblue AG has the right to prohibit the publication of the results generated by using the data, products or services supplied.

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Research cooperation

meteoblue supports the development of scientific projects in collaboration with students and academics from all over the world with scientific best practices.

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