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Eberhard Parlow

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Parlow was professor of meteorology at Basel University since 1989, and held the chair of meteorology at the Department of Environmental Sciences from 1997 to 2018. His work ranged from estimating radiation in sub-polar environments using high resolution satellite data over remote sensing to urban micrometeorology. Professor Parlow has served as president of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, on the Earth Science Advisory Committee of the European Space Agency ESA, and as president of the Commission of Remote Sensing of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, where he continues to participate in several expert committees.

Hans-F. Graf

Prof. Dr.Hans-F. Graf was Professor for Environmental Systems Analysis at Cambridge University, UK. His research combines atmospheric modelling and data analysis, examining all time and space scales of climate variation, from cloud microphysics to global circulation. Recently he has concentrated on physico-chemical aspects of climate change, particularly aerosols, stratospheric ozone, and fundamental modes of general circulation. This includes the modeling and parameterization of convective clouds for use in non-cloud resolving models, which allows for consideration of chemistry-aerosol-microphysics processes.

In Memoriam:

Zavisa I. Janjic

Prof. Dr. Zavisa I. Janjic was a leading scientist with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In 2007, Dr. Janjic was awarded the Francis W. Reichelderfer Award from the American Meteorological Society for his outstanding contributions to developments and implementation of the NOAA Environmental Modeling Center's regional weather prediction models (Eta and NMM). The numerical and parameterization schemes he developed ideally combine theoretical and technical solutions, as well as balance between elegance and practicality. In 2013, the 57th International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Prize was awarded to Professor Zaviša Janjić in recognition of his outstanding life-long contributions to the advancement of theory and practice of atmospheric modelling and numerical weather prediction, in particular, for the development of generations of atmospheric models based on his innovative numerical and parameterization schemes.

Prof. Dr. Janjic passed away on 31. March 2019. We join his family and friends in the condolences, and hold his memory as one of the most outstanding contributors to the meteorological science community.