Time dimensions


Climate data shows aggregated weather variables from the past covering 5-80 years of data since 1940. Climate data typically shows averages for specific periods like days, months and years.


History data shows weather variables from a specific time in the past. These are simulation data with high precision. They are 100% complete, available with hourly, daily, monthly and yearly intervals and valid also for places without measurements.


Nowcast data shows weather data for the present. These may be measured (with weather stations), observed (with satellites, cameras or users) or simulated (with nowcasting methods) and show the best information available for the current conditions.


Forecast data is weather data for the future. meteoblue forecasts are always simulated data and available for up to 14 days in the future. weather forecast models are updated twice per day, forecast data is updated every 5 minutes if radar and satellite data is available.