point®: the local forecast - worldwide

meteoblue point® is localised weather information for any location in the world, using the combination of meteoblue global and regional weather models, and adjusting them to the exact location and altitude of the desired location. meteoblue point® weather data are presented as:

  • Meteograms
    • Diagrams with horizontal time axis and selected display options for weather data.
  • Pictocast
    • The local weather forecast using pictograms, tables and spot diagrams with a time progression.
  • Widget
    • Plug-ins for your own website or smartphone.

meteoblue point® data are also available as Datafeeds for commercial customers.

point® forecast are calculated using automated weather models of high quality, which have been thoroughly tested (see R & D). Nevertheless, there may be differences to the actual observations due to short-term or microclimatic weather developments.
point® does not show actual weather observations, although measurements may be used to improve the forecast. For observations, see special features, such as "°C observed" under MAPS.
Localised weather information include post processing like downscaling, gridded MOS or local fog models. Therefore it can differ from spatial overview products like weather maps or where2go.