Sahel zone

The Sahel zone

The arid tropics

Sahel zone (in orange)<br />Source:

The arid tropical zone extends between the semi-humid tropics and the subtropical dry zone, mostly between 15 and 23° North and South. Some arid tropical areas extend closer to the equator, such as Northeastern Brazil ("Nordeste") and Eastern Africa (Horn of Africa). These more equatorial arid zones are always situated in the eastern flank of large land masses and do therefore receive very little moisture from the continental areas. One well-known arid area is called the Sahel, lying in Africa between the thorn savannah and the humid/dry savannah.


Live meteogram - Dakar (14.69°N / -17.45°E) Situation of Dakar


(Capital city of Senegal)

Live meteogram - Ouagadougou (12.37°N / -1.52°E) Situation of Ouagadougou


(Capital city of Burkina Faso)