Crop climate risk analysis and prediction

The crop climate risk analysis investigates the risks of drought, heat, or frost for selected crops at a selected location for a chosen period in the time from 1985 to today.

Crop risk prediction monitors and evaluates crop risks based on the current season weather to date, the 7-day and the seasonal forecast. Historic reference periods can be included for comparison, such as a year with good or bad growing conditions. The crop climate risk analysis diagram supports operational decisions, e.g. when to plant, fertilise, or irrigate. Additional information can be found in this explanatory document.

All raw data and images are available through our meteoblue API and interactive diagrams are included in our history+ web interface.

Crop risk analysis, Summer wheat, 1-April/31-October, Bratislava 48.15°N, 17.11°E Crop risk prediction, Winter wheat, 1-November/31-May, Memphis 35.15°N, 90.05°E