Sea & Surf

Wave height

These maps show the significant wave height, the height of the swells and wind waves in meters (m) with colours as indicated in the map legend. In addition, the wave direction is indicated with arrows. Combinations with other maps like wind animation are possible. For more information, see sea surface.

Wave period

These maps show the period of the swells and wind waves respectively with colours as indicated in the map legend. Swell and wind wave period are expressed in seconds (sec). For more information, see sea surface.

Wave peak period

The wave peak period (in sec) is defined as the wave period with the highest energy in the total wave spectrum at a specific point. In the menu you can choose between the two wave peak period maps for wind waves and swells. Wave regimes dominated by wind waves usually have smaller wave peak periods, and regimes dominated by swells usually have larger wave peak periods.

Ocean currents

These maps show the speed and direction of ocean currents at a selected time. The speed of the currents is shown in kilometers per hour (km/h), and the directions are indicated by arrows. The ocean currents are of great importance for the transport of matter (dissolved solids and gases) and energy (in form of heat).

Sea water salinity

These maps show the salinity of the sea at a selected time in grams per kilogram (g/kg). Where much fresh water flows into the oceans, the salinity is low, for example near glaciers and river mouths. In regions with little precipitation but high evaporation, such as the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, salinity is high.

Sea ice cover

This map shows which regions of the world's oceans are covered by ice. The more yellow the colour, the greater the ice cover and the bluer, the weaker the ice cover.

Water surface temperature

These maps show the sea temperature for the selected time. The temperature is given in degrees Celsius (°C) and the colours correspond to the colour scale. The example image shows the cold Benguela Current flowing along the southwest coast of Africa towards the equator.