Meteogram Snow

Meteogram SNOW - Matterhorn

You can find the meteogram Snow on the meteoblue website.

The meteogram Snow 1-6 days shows the local development of temperature at various altitudes, and the precipitation (blue for rain and light grey for snow), snow melt and snow height (third diagram) at ground level in hourly steps for the next days.

For this meteogram, the forecast is done for a region corresponding to models grid cell and not a specific location. The meteogram Snow is now available worldwide.

The meteogram Snow is also very useful for determining the air temperature in different altitudes, even in areas without snow, such as tropical mountain areas. For more details about the meteogram Snow, please download the following document:

meteoblue_meteogram_SNOW_EN_v02.pdf (353.32 kB)

This meteogram is available with a suscription to point+ or through meteoblue API.