Outdoor & Sports

meteoblue offers a variety of functionalities catering to users interested in outdoor and sport activities. In this section you will find a detailed overview of these, as well as detailed information about their features.

Outdoor & Sports Products

where2go > where2go_thumb.png


meteoblue offers the where2go functionality, that help you to find the best weather spot for your day trip within a certain distance range.

Snow > snow.png


The meteogram Snow offers all essential information about the skiing conditions (such as precipitation, snow melt, or snow height) in the next 6 days.

Sea & Surf > sea_surf.png

Sea & Surf

The meteogram Sea & Surf provides you with a full range of data needed to enjoy sports such as surfing, sailing, or kiting. Find out about the wind conditions, precipitation, clouds, wave height, swell, and more.

Astronomy Seeing > astronomyseeing_prev.jpg

Astronomy Seeing

The meteoblue Astronomy Seeing is a meteogram designed specifically for astronomers, both professionals and amateurs. It enables them to find out if the meteorological conditions are suitable for astronomical observation, and also provides the location of selected astronomical bodies.

Air Quality & Pollen > airqualitypollen.png

Air Quality & Pollen

The meteogram Air Quality & Pollen is essential for those in need of concise yet detailed information about the air pollution. In one graphic you can find the European Air Quality Index, fine particles, and selected gases (NO2, SO2 and ozone).