History & Climate

meteoblue offers a broad scope of functionalities focused on historical weather data and climate data. Below you can find an overview of these features, and on the individual subpages you can see detailed information regarding their functionalities and how to use them.

History & Climate Products

Climate (modelled) > climatemodelled.png

Climate (modelled)

Climate (modelled) is a set of climate diagrams that visualise the seasonal climate patterns for any location worldwide. Specifically, they show the monthly values of weather variables such as temperature, precipitation, or wind.

Climate (observed) > climate_observed.png

Climate (observed)

Climate (observed) offers a visualisation of monthly values of measured (as opposed to modelled) weather variables. In particular, you can learn about the observed temperature, precipitation and wind speed.

Short-term Verification > shortterm.png

Short-term Verification

This meteogram displays the comparison of the simulated data with the actual measurements, focusing on the temperature and wind data.

Weather Archive > weatherarchive.png

Weather Archive

Via the meteoblue Weather Archive, you can get access to past simulation data for any location on the Earth, in monthly steps from 1985 to the present.

Climate Comparison > climate-comparison_one_column_of_three.png

Climate Comparison

The meteoblue Climate Comparison meteogram visualises the comparison of the weather forecast for a certain area with the measured values in the previous decades. This way you can instantly check into what extent the current weather differs from the long-term climate.