Location categories

Locations of these categories can be found via the location search:

Feature classification

Feature class Symbol Description
A Administrative Boundary Features
Hydrographic type feature
Hydrographic Features
L Area Features
P Populated Place Features
Spot type feature
Spot Features
Mountain, hill, island
Hypsographic Features

Feature codes

Feature code Description
ADM1 first-order administrative division
ADM2 second-order administrative division
ADM3 third-order administrative division
ADM4 fourth-order administrative division
ADM5 fifth-order administrative division
PCLI independent political entity
PCLD dependent political entity
PCLIX section of independent political entity
PCLS semi-independent political entity
TERR territory
PCLF freely associated state
PCL political entity
PPL populated place
PPLL populated locality
PPLC capital of a political entity
PPLA seat of a first-order administrative division
PPLA2 seat of a second-order administrative division
PPLA3 seat of a third-order administrative division
PPLA4 seat of a fourth-order administrative division
PPLX section of populated place
PPLS populated places
PPLCH historical capital of a political entity
PPLG seat of government of a political entity
AMUS amusement park
AIRP airport
MT mountain
MTS mountains
PK peak
PKS peaks
PAN pan
PANS pans
PASS pass
VALL valley
VALX section of valley
VALG hanging valley
VALS valleys
FLLS waterfall(s)
DAM dam
PRK park
GLCR glacier(s)
CONT continent