meteoblue provides a wide spectrum of meteograms and other features catering to pilots, paragliders, hot-air-balloon enthusiasts, and aviators of all sorts and types. Below you can learn about how they function, and how to select the most suitable one for your needs. Most of the listed items require a point+ website subscription.

Aviation Products

Meteogram AIR

The meteoblue Meteogram AIR visualises the development of the weather from the ground level to the altitude of 5’500 m. It comprises 6 individual diagrams, indicating the forecast for the following variables: Temperature, wind direction and speed, rain, cloud cover, and fluxes / radiation.


This complex yet intuitive meteogram offers information about aviation-specific variables and indices such as surface conditions, stability indices, lapse rate, humidity, clouds, and winds.


The meteoblue Trajectories feature is an interactive instrument enabling balloonists and other air-sports enthusiasts to select a desired trajectory between any 2 points on a map, and explore what atmospheric conditions are expected on the defined route.


The meteoblue Cross-section visualises a vertical intersection of the atmosphere at a particular location at a given time. Specifically, it indicates the temperature, cloud cover, wind, and relative humidity at the defined vertical cut through the atmosphere.

Stueve & Sounding

These meteograms show the stability of the atmosphere and include details about the distribution of water vapour saturation in the air mass and the development of the weather at different levels in the atmosphere, as if measured by a radio sounding.