Astronomy Widget

Why integrate our Astronomy Widget into your website?

  • Increased traffic
    Attract astronomy enthusiasts to your site with unique and sought-after content.
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    Regularly updated, informative content like sky forecasts can improve search rankings.
  • Enhanced user engagement
    Interactive and personalised widgets encourage users to spend more time on your site.
  • Repeat visits
    By providing daily updates on celestial events, users have a reason to return frequently.
  • Community building
    Encourage a community of astronomy lovers to use your platform as a go-to resource for planning and sharing experiences.
  • Content marketing
    Use the widget to promote related content or products, such as telescopes or night-sky photography gear.
  • Competitive advantage
    Stand out from competitors by offering unique, specialised tools like the Astronomy Widget.

Display stunning weather visualisations on your website for free.

Astronomy Widget

The Astronomy Widget offers a quick overview of the most important astronomy seeing weather variables for the next night.

You can choose from the following settings:

  • Use a predefined location, or to let the widget detect the user's location
  • Use the default version, or to reduce the widget's size and omit the temperature and humidity column