City climate services

  • Top precision: Scientific verification of our unique city climate model conducted over 3 years shows a model error below 1°C for temperatures calculated between weather stations. Our 24h air temperature forecast has the accuracy of 1.2 K, effectively providing the most precise forecast possible for any city location.
  • Artificial intelligence: The meteoblue city climate monitoring system uses proprietary artificial intelligence to combine in-situ meteorological measurements with satellite data and numerical forecast models to produce precise data with a minimum of sensors, and in the most economical way.
  • Seamlessly from history to forecast: We offer historical data, real-time updates and a 7-day forecast for any location within a city. Additionally, we use climate projections to estimate the air temperature and precipitation for different future time horizons (e.g., until 2050) pertaining to different emission scenarios.
  • High resolution: Our city climate models have a horizontal resolution of 10m, and resolve the entire micro-scale variability of air temperature and wind velocity fields, bringing precise weather information to each doorstep.
  • Multiple meteorological variables: We offer measurements of multiple meteorological variables (air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation) and provide modelled wind speed and direction at high spatial resolution for a wide range of applications.
  • Multiple interfaces: Our products are available via API, FTP server, web, and app, offering you easy plug & play access to all possible applications.
Measurement network

  • Meteorological IoT sensors from our partners
  • Station installation plan
  • Recording of relevant metadata
  • Installation and Maintenance of the Network
  • Data transmission via IoT technology

Measurement quality assurance

  • Access to the meteoblue measurement API
  • Uniform timestamps
  • Temporal and spatial quality control
  • Monthly reports and meteorological statistics
  • Data homogenization and radiation correction
  • Gap filling
  • Real-time alerts

Heat maps

  • High-resolution air temperature maps resolving urban heat island effect based on artificial intelligence
  • Résolution horizontale de 10m
  • Disponible pour les conditions jour/nuit et été/hiver
  • Analyse des cartes thermiques par zone climatique locale

Town planning scenarios

  • Point-specific analysis of changes in air and surface temperatures based on surface energy models
  • Testing more than 20 different climate change mitigation scenarios
  • Testing different scales of adaption measures
  • Analysis of temperature change for different atmospheric conditions

Validation of mitigation strategies

  • Based on measurement network
  • Provided for several locations within the city
  • Decision tool for monitoring the strategies in the city

Climate prediction

  • Location-specific climate risk analysis
  • Consideration of four future RCP emission scenarios
  • Available until the end of 21st century
  • All key weather variables
  • Reference period based on the dataset ERA5
  • Yearly and monthly aggregations
  • Typical and extreme meteorological years modelling
  • Spatial resolution of 10-30km
  • Downscaling options