City climate

  • Take advantage of the most modern, economical, and proven approach to city climate assessment and climate change adaptation
  • Develop infrastructure to precisely measure, forecast, and model your city’s climate
  • Create a reliable information basis for city planners, decision makers, and the citizens
  • Improve the city’s living conditions and investment effectiveness
  • Enable your city to better deal with the challenges posed by climate change

City inhabitants are often exposed to high temperatures and poor air quality. Recently, they have also had to bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change. Moreover, in the future, municipalities will have to cope with more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as excessive temperatures, heavy precipitation, or violent storms. Since half of the world's population lives in urban areas, systematic monitoring of the city climate and strategic city planning is essential.

meteoblue city climate monitoring helps cities lay the groundwork today for a safer tomorrow. It comprises a package of solutions tailored for modern smart cities, addressing all stages of climate change mitigation policy: measurement, assessment, climate simulations, mitigation strategy development and implementation, and subsequent reevaluation.

Do you want to become a project partner? We can setup a city climate system for your city!

Product details

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Variables & Use cases

Get a quick overview of key factors in the changing urban climate: the impact of air temperature, precipitation, and wind speed and direction on life in urban areas.

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Monitoring system & Process

The meteoblue city climate monitoring system at one glance: from setting up to operation, planning and validation.

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Explore our city climate services: Measurement network, Measurement quality assurance, Heat maps, Urban planning scenarios, Validation of mitigation strategies, and Climate prediction

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Extensive monitoring of the city climate is the basis for significantly improving the quality of life by evaluating suitable urban measures. Discover the cities which are already involved in the city climate project.

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What is urban climate? Why are cities harmed by climate change more than the countryside? What are local climate zones? All this and more is answered in our Q&A section.


Scientific contributions

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