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  • Showcase your brand in exclusive, premium ad space on our clean site
  • Regularly reach your target customers on our well-trafficked channels
  • Present your brand on a trusted platform with high brand safety
  • Leverage the strong influence of weather on customer buying behaviour
  • Use diverse targeting options to optimally reach potential customers

The meteoblue website and app present weather in uniquely appealing images, diagrams and overviews - with exclusive advertising space. Weather is non-polarising, politically neutral and information about it is frequently sought by millions of users. Most of our users have an above-average education and income.

We offer a guaranteed number of views and fixed CPM inventory on a per-country basis.

Gain new customers with targeted adverts on

Wide user range

Our broad user base includes:

Individuals planning their daily life around weather, such as choosing attire or packing an umbrella.

Weather enthusiasts with sector-specific forecast preferences such as an interest in astronomy, aviation, or sea and surf. You can target specific groups through our dedicated sector pages.

Professionals who depend on precise weather data, such as agricultural or historical. We are trusted by companies like Microsoft and Siemens.

Targeting options

Weather targeting:
Weather has a high influence on cutomers' decision-making, and thereby influences every purchase decision, regardless of whether or not your product is directly related to the weather.
Consequently, weather is the perfect way of identifying the mood of your target audience. You can set up your advertising campaign to take this into account when deciding whether or not to display your ad to a given user.

Customer location targeting:
Your advertisements will be shown to customers located in the country of your choosing.

Search location targeting:
Users can search for weather information for every point on Earth with our location search. You can choose to have your advertisements shown specifically to users who are checking weather data for your country of interest.

Language targeting:
Our website supports a large number of different languages. You can decide which language you want to target, to ensure that your advertising message reaches the right audience.


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meteoblue offers a wide range of products and solutions for commercial use in many different sectors and industries.

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