Commercial/non-commercial use

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial uses are all uses without direct profit purposes. These are cases of non-commercial uses:

  • Personal consultations
  • Recommendations to friends
  • Local small community weather monitoring
  • Individual weather observations and storm chasing
  • Family, club or society website
  • Research
  • Development of jointly offered products
  • Social welfare
  • Disaster relief

For use of our publicly available information, we consider the following websites non-commercial:

  • Any Website with less than 100 visitors per day
  • Any Website which make less than 50 individual data requests per day to the public information available on the meteoblue website
  • All sites which exceed one of the two previous criteria, but fulfill one of the previously set cases 4, 8 or 9.

Some examples of non-commercial use:

  • The website of a hotel or a holiday resort, using the weather widget for 1-3 locations
  • The website of a company, using the weather widget for 1-10 locations
  • The website of an alpinism organisation, using 24 timesteps of our meteoMaps
  • A website of a racetrack with more than 1'000 users per day, which makes only 24 queries per day to our weather widget by using a CACHE function to update the information only once per hour
  • A data request for making a university study
  • A website using our publicly available historic weather information for the purposes of education or disaster relief

For non-commercial use, in any case the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Direct link from the non-commercial page with the weather content from meteoblue to with the settings so that the same location is accessed
  • For publications, a quote of source with reference to and a .pdf copy of the publication sent to [email protected] until 3 months after the publication
  • For use within private systems: a short description (at least 30 words) about the type of intended use
  • For use within private energy managements systems or for comparison of data from different sources: a report about the results (energy saving, other benefits) within 12 months after reception of access to data (minimum 1 page, with data)
  • The use only on pages with content which is neither illegal, racist, discriminating or X-rated (offensive to youths)
  • The adherence to our terms

meteoblue reserves the right to request additional information and decide about the treatment of the request according to own evaluation of the request.

Commercial use

Commercial use is considered, if:

  • The utilisation of the weather information serves for the realization of profit
  • The weather information is used for the design, development or delivery of other commercial products
  • The weather information is used to generate advertising revenue
  • The weather information is sold further
  • The weather information requires more than 100 direct web requests per day from

Some examples of commercial use:

  • website financed by advertising
  • websites sponsored by large organisations
  • websites directed at paying users
  • publications directed at a paying user community
  • testing of meteoblue data for product development

Commercial users can order the meteoblue business services. In special cases, discounts can be made possible in exchange for considerations offered by the client.
If you have special requirements, contact us.

License of usage

License of usage as under Creative Common License apply as following:

Category License type Acronym
Content links Attribution BY
Images (unmodified) Attribution + No Derivatives CC BY-ND
Data Attribution + non-commercial + No Derivatives CC BY-NC-ND